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2023 KBIO Cafe: Grubhub Delivery Available, Hours: Weekdays 10am-2pm
Offering Gourmet Sandwiches, Wrap Sandwiches, French Pastry, Coffee


Pre-Order at kbiocafe.com: Pick Up 15 mins later at 1820 Gateway Drive, San Mateo
Delivery: Search KBIO Cafe at Grubhub
KBIO Café Phone number:(408) 850-2213


KBIO signature Gourmet Breakfast Sandwiches

KBIO Signature, Korean Sandwich featured with Healthy Ingredients: egg, red onion, tomatos, lettuce, ham, turkey, carrots & cheese!


KBIO Health Wrap Sandwiches

Korean Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wraps, KBIO Ham Wraps & Healthy Veggie Wraps


KBIO Rich Flavor Coffee

Enjoy Special Pour Over Coffee & Flavorful Coffee Made with Industry Top Espresso Machine, Nuova simonelli.

San Mateo-based KBIO Cafe serves tasty breakfast & lunch sandwiches, savory pastry, coffee and more.

Get recharged and rejuvenated with KBIO Healthy Food & Drinks.

KBIO Café Phone number:(408) 850-2213

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Pouring Blessings into Daily Lives
KBIO café Phone number:(408) 850-2213


Founded in 2016, KBIO Solutions has been leading clinical trials and regulatory projects for more than 40 biotech companies. KBIO Cafe here is serve you with health oriented savory food along with health enhancing products.

KBIO Café Phone number:(408) 850-2213